Outer Banks Trip | The Newlywed Series

Only two months until we celebrate our first wedding anniversary! This year has FLOWN by – I just love getting to walk through life with this man!

Back in May, we went on a quick trip to the Outer Banks. We were having a photo session with Amanda Hedgepeth Photography & figured we could just make a little getaway out of it!

We used Air B&B for the first time & our experience wasn’t too bad! We rented the master bedroom in an oceanfront beach house in Rodanthe. Our host was SO nice & waited up late for us to get there so that she could introduce herself. She was helpful & the room had all we would need, including a coffee pot!

The room we rented was advertised as having a deck right off of the room that you could sit & enjoy being on the oceanfront. The night we got there, our host told us that we could sleep with the glass door open (screen door shut) & listen to the waves – what a great idea! We did that, but were woken up bright & early by the painters who were there to paint the exterior of the house. Ah, bummer.

The whole ‘relax on the deck’ ended up being a wash, but our host was so apologetic & said she didn’t know the painters would be there that weekend. Apparently, they had been trying for a few weeks to get the house painted, but every time they would come, it would rain. It really wasn’t a huge deal & we were given an extra day to have the room because of the inconvenience.

While we were there, we did some shopping, went to the movies, & ate at a couple of good restaurants. I went to the Outer Banks every year growing up & I love getting to go there now with my husband. It’s peaceful, tradition, & comes with all of the best childhood memories.🙂


Justin & Kayla | Bayville Farms Park | Virginia Beach, VA | Engagement Session

I’m tellin’ you – Bayville Farms is the BEST! It’s my clients’ top pick this year & there is no complaining from me!!

I had such a fun time with Justin & Kayla earlier this month. Justin proposed to Kayla last Christmas when they were home visiting family. I love that he waited so that they could be there!

I’m excited to see their love grow even deeper as they get married & start their family as husband & wife. Congratulations, you two!!


Garnett & Shea | Bayville Farms Park | Virginia Beach, VA | Couples Session

Shea has stuck by me since I started this photography dream job. I used to pick her up & she’d let me take pictures of her for as long as I wanted, at as many locations as I felt like going to. There is no doubt she played a key role in my growth as a photographer!

When Shea told me she wanted to do a session with her boyfriend, Garnett, I was so excited. She is such a sweet & gorgeous lady who could never take a bad picture, & add in her love – I knew this would be one of my favorite sessions to date.

Once again, Bayville Farms offered the perfect scenery for this couples session! Take a look!🙂


Family Session | Oak Grove Lake Park | Chesapeake, VA

I just loved this family session at Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake! These two boys were the sweetest & they were especially excited about seeing their duck friends next to the water!🙂

I have quite a few favorites from this session, but my ‘number one’ has to be the second to last picture. Check it out!


Blaine & Loryn | Oak Grove Lake Park | Chesapeake, VA |

Blaine & Loryn are positively the sweetest people I have ever met. Blaine’s mom called me a few months ago about wanting to book my birth photography package as a gift for Loryn. Y’all, I am SO glad she did!!!

From the first phone call I had with Loryn, I knew I was going to love her. When we met for her maternity session, we figured out her family & my husband’s family go way back, & Blaine used to go to church with some other friends of ours. It always amazes me how small the world really is!

I had such a great time with them at Oak Grove & I can’t wait to share their baby girl’s birth story with you SOON! For now, here are some of my favorites from their maternity session!


Sean & Brandy | Bayville Farms Park | Virginia Beach, VA

This session with Sean & Brandy took place this past April on a chilly Saturday afternoon. Brandy is my sister-in-law’s cousin, so we’re basically family & I love photographing family!!

Bayville Farms has quickly becoming one of my favorite locations & it’s one my clients choose often. You don’t know how much I enjoy having a go-to park that I never get tired of!

Sean & Brandy have three kids, but they wanted to do a session by themselves. I love that they carved out some time to celebrate their love for each other & get all snuggled up in front of my camera. I think it’s so important to never ‘forget’ about your love. Go on dates, hold hands, flirt with your sweetheart. It’s one of my favorite things to see from couples who have been married for years!

Take a look at some of my favorites from their session!


Hillsdale, New Jersey | Police Kids Portrait Story

Ohh, you guys – is this real life!? I am BLOWN AWAY by how much love & support we have gotten following the release of our portrait story. With close to 700 shares, it has reached more people than I ever imagined & I am humbled by the way the Lord is using these pictures.

We have already set up Round 2 to take place next weekend here in Virginia Beach (& there are still spots available if you’re an LEO family who would like to participate!) & I can’t wait to meet the families of these officers!! I have absolutely loved getting to connect with so many people & I can’t believe there are families traveling in town to be a part of this! And guess what…

Y’all. Y’ALL! I am so so SO excited to announce – WE’RE GOING TO NEW JERSEY!!!

There is a sweet lady who contacted me about hosting a mini session event in Hillsdale, NJ as a part of the portrait story, & I couldn’t be more thrilled to be taking this little project on the road & expanding past Hampton Roads!!!

I come from an LEO family & am a police kid, myself. My dad served on the Norfolk Police Department for 27 years before retiring & both of my brothers are still walking the thin blue line.

I have always felt pride in being a part of the blue family. With all that is going on in the world today, I felt in my heart that I wanted to do something to show support for our police. A few weeks before the shootings in Dallas, my friend, Rebekah Jones (whose husband, Brian Jones, was killed in the line of duty in 2014), asked if I would be willing to do a police kids portrait story. I loved the idea & couldn’t wait to get started!

Today, when the public thinks of police officers, they think of scary, entitled men & women who like to take advantage of the authority they’ve been given. But you know? The majority of police officers are police officers because they have a heart for helping people. They are leaving their families at home to protect yours, & that is exactly what we wanted to get across with this portrait story! We wanted to show that there is more than one heart behind an officer’s badge.

Together, we nailed down the details & threw the idea out to a local police wives facebook group. Seventeen families signed up to be a part of the story, & thus, They’re More Than Just A Cop was born!

I am so excited to be able to take this opportunity outside of Hampton Roads. It is my hope that the Lord will use this story to reach people & change hearts about our law enforcement.

I just want to take a second & explain the process of how this works!

I will be holding a mini session event on Saturday, September 24th in Hillsdale, NJ. From 8:00am – 6:00pm, I will be offering 10 minute mini sessions to any & all LEO families! The purpose of the event is to add to the portrait story, however, some families don’t want their childrens’ pictures on social media which is total understandable!! You can still participate & have a mini session done without your images being used in the story or online.

These sessions are $75 & include the ten minute session, one image that will be used in the portrait story, & ten additional images just for you, as well as a print release so that you can print your photos when & where you’d like! If you opt of the portrait story, you will still receive ten images & a print release.🙂

With this being out of state, there is a minimum of 15 sessions that need to be booked in order for me to make the trip. While payment is due upon booking, if there are less than 15 sessions scheduled by September 10th, everyone will receive a full refund. We are praying that is not the case, though!🙂

If you are ready to book your session, visit this website & choose what time works best for you. You will receive a conformation email with more information shortly after your session is scheduled!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at photosbyhannahgrace@gmail.com. I am excited to meet you all in September & to continue spreading love & support to our law enforcement officers!!🙂

Website to book your session: https://photosbyhannahgrace.brownbookit.com/schedules/hillsdale